Photo credit: Elizabeth Hanna

Hi, I’m Casey Frechette. I’m interested in technology, journalism and education. I explore these topics at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, where I’m an assistant professor in the journalism and media studies department. I’m also a web strategist and consultant with USF St. Petersburg’s Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.

I teach and write about digital media and research the role of technology in learning and journalism. Before joining USFSP, I was an interactive learning producer with Poynter’s News University, a leading online journalism and media training program. At Poynter, I worked with faculty and industry leaders to design and build custom training experiences for a community of 300,000 (and growing) online learners. I was an adjunct at Poynter for three years and continue to teach in the Institute’s programs.

I have 15 years of web development and eLearning experience. I mostly work in PHP, MySQL, jQuery and WordPress. I produced multimedia lessons for Navajo students at the University of New Mexico’s Technology and Education Center and DJed at KSEL in Portales, New Mexico. I have a master’s in media arts and computer science and a doctorate in organizational learning and instructional technology.

My dissertation looks at the effects of animated characters in web-based learning environments, and my research has appeared in peer-reviewed publications. My current research projects involve investigations into how online wisdom communities form and develop, among other topics.